Donald Trump roasts rivals in rambling, 40-minute press conference

Donald Trump on Thursday reaffirmed his willingness to debate
Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and also said he was
willing to face off with another political foe, Massachusetts Sen.
Elizabeth Warren, whom he derided as an “ineffective senator” with a
“very big mouth.”
The presumptive Republican nominee further accused Warren of exaggerating her Native American heritage.

“She’s about as Native American as I am,” Trump said, repeatedly referring to Warren as “Pocahontas.”
was speaking to reporters at a press conference in Bismarck, N.D.,
where he celebrated securing the 1,237 delegates he needed to clinch the
Republican presidential nomination.
the rambling, 40-minute event went well beyond that — touching on
everything from his problem with wind energy (“Wind is killing all of
the eagles,” Trump said) to what he insisted was his reluctance to
discuss the death of Vince Foster, a close aide and friend to Bill and
Hillary Clinton. Though multiple investigations concluded that Foster
committed suicide, Trump recently called his death “very fishy.”
“I don’t think it is something that should really be a part of this campaign,” Trump said Thursday.
But Trump spent much of the press conference hammering his rivals, both Democrats and Republicans.
mocked Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic nominee, for “not be able
to seal the deal” against Sanders in their party’s primary. And echoing
his Wednesday comments to late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel, Trump said
again that he’d be willing to debate Sanders. “I’d love to debate Bernie,” he said. “He’s a dream.”
Republican candidate, who confirmed that his staff is having talks with
Sanders aides on the subject, said he would only participate if it
could raise at least $10 million for charity. Trump, whose critics
frequently accuse him of sexism, suggested a charity geared towards
Trump said he would also be willing to debate Warren. “I’ll debate anybody!” he said. “I don’t care.”
As Trump ranted about Warren while using the “Pocahontas” nickname
he branded her with several days ago, a woman interrupted. She told
Trump that the moniker was offensive. “Is it offensive? You tell me,”
Trump said with a smirk, repeating the nickname as he continued mocking

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