D’Banj & Don Jazzy Finally To Drop New Single After Four Years Split

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Popular Nigerian entertainer, D’ Banj and Don Jazzy set to drop new single on friday after four years of split from former label Mo Hits. D’ Banj disclosed the news at his private viewing of his much-anticipated visual EP on Tuesday.

He  shocked fans when he announced he would be dropping a new song with Don Jazzy this Friday, their first collaboration since Mo’Hits folded up.

Although, he didn’t reveal what the forthcoming song is to be called, but he added that they have been working on the duet for a while.

It should be recalled that during a Periscope session with fans in October, Don Jazzy revealed he was not in any fight with D’banj, saying the supposed feud between them was only sold to folks by the press. He said he visits and hangs out with D’banj and they are ‘brothers’, concluding with a statement that at their next concert, they may be performing some of D’banj’s classics.

Also, at the private viewing yesterday, D’banj revealed that he may be working on a movie about his rise to fame.

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