I May not be a prodigal Son; May not be Jabez

I May not be Jacob; May be not Moses

Might not been strong like Samuel,

Might be chosen like David,

Maybe even wiser than Solomon

Still I don’t understand, never understood

The little mysteries of life

I may not be that good looking friend,

that truthful human,

that beautiful soul, not even a handsome fellow;

yet I believe that I was once called to do things

of my father who sent me

I was sent to earth for a purpose

Was made special for that same purpose

But now I realize something which I’ve failed to see

Understood the mysteries I never listened to

Known my mission down here on earth

They say I always change my being

Chameleon even with more specific than that of Joseph

Might not be a dreamer, maybe not an interpreter

But I am whom God says I am


Now I understand my mistakes, my little sins

Now I realize I’m wrong, was mislead, now I know,

So I bring myself back under subjection

Throwing my pride away from where I picked it

Throwing my foolishness, my stupidity

Those things I never realized were wrong.

My hidden sin.

I bring them not open to the world

I open up my heart with total submission

Take me! Use me! Mould me!

Here I am Lord.

Let me be foolish enough to know you

Stupid to do your words and obey them

Useful in your vineyard

And even wiser than Solomon

Make me that covenant child

Make me! Use me! Clean Me!

Here I am Lord, Use me!


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